How To Marry Rich Woman: A Rich Man's Guide On How To Meet And Marry A Rich Woman, Especially Rich Older Woman

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How far are you willing to go to get a rich woman, especially a rich older woman, to date and then marry you?

Would you be willing to live your life with a woman who is older than you? Are you comfortable with how your relationship might look to others? The truth is that it doesn't matter what others think and what matters the most is that you are happy with it.

There are over 7 billion people on this earth and one thing you'll find almost everywhere is none other than our beloved diversity. However, when it comes to marriage, we start to think of it as a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. But that's not true at all. As marriage is through is mutual consent, it doesn't always have to meet the standard ideal of both persons falling in love and then getting married. In other words, marrying for money is not something that you should be ashamed of.

If you are a rich man or someone who is not super rich and want to meet and marry a rich woman (or a rich older woman), then first you need to ignore two myths because they are like big hurdles in your way to achieving what you desire:

Myth 1: Rich women only marry those men who are financially strong. You can find so many cases of self-made millionaire women who are happily married to normal guys. There are rich women who marry rich guys, but money is not the only thing that attracts them to meet, date, and marry a guy.

Myth 2: You only have a chance to marry a rich woman (especially an older woman) if you are handsome. This is wrong on so many levels and this is one of the reasons many men feel less superior. Understand that these ladies are more into your character than looks. And yes, some rich women are into looks, but they have experience of spending so much time around handsome guys who lack the character that they become more interested in dating and marrying a guy with good character rather than good looks. So, don't feel less superior if you don't have six-pack abs or tall, muscular body.

First, Understand Rich Women

It would be completely wrong to just meet a rich woman or an old rich woman and expect her to marry you after you’ve wooed her with your charming personality and cheesy lines. The truth is that they might date you for your personality, but they may not go through with the idea of marrying you. It is because you might’ve said something that didn’t sit well with her or maybe you gave her a hint that you not into her and all you need is her money. Here is what you need to understand.

The mainstream culture expects from a rich woman to marry a super-rich guy (someone who is richer than her), but that's not how many rich women think. First of all, there aren't many super rich men out there and secondly, the super-rich men are already married. As rich men have more choices and a lot of beautiful and younger women are ready to marry them, it leaves rich women, especially rich older women, to wait for someone to take wedding vows with them. It seems a bit problematic, right? Well, that's why most rich women are okay with marrying young men.

Make Adjustments In Your Life To Meet Them

Start living in neighborhoods that have rich women. If you can't do that then at least work on other things in which they can see your face every now and then, such as running errands, jogging, drinking coffee, and walking your dog.

Work on Your Dressing

Whether you are a rich man or not, you need to work on your looks to close the deal. You can have an average looking face or body, but you have to look presentable. You won't succeed if you are wearing pajamas and you go to a rich woman and ask her out. You need to look apart, so it is best for you to work on your dressing sense.

Attend the Events

Many rich women, especially older rich women, attend events that range from charity to creating awareness. So make sure you always attend those events. In fact, events are one of the best places to meet rich old women. On those events, you can start a conversation on anything and then see where it goes.

You Need to Talk Their Talk

Rich women are more interested in talking about politics or finance. So, if you are not well versed in these things, we would recommend you to start growing your knowledge on them. It is because most rich women have their own businesses, so you need to read economics articles and journals to get a better insight into what they like to talk about. Use the power of the internet to grow your knowledge; it will benefit you in not only starting an interesting conversation with them but also in real life.

Be Yourself Around Them

Now, this is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind. Rich women don't like men who brag about money or show that money is everything to them. You don't have to give the impression that you are after money or you are trying to get some benefit from them. You need to show that money isn't a big deal for you and other things in life matter a lot to you. In fact, implement thinking this in your life as well. The point is that you can give off a negative vibe if you talk too much about money or show too much interest in her assets (we are talking about financial assets here).

We Repeat, Charity Events Are Extremely Important

From charity balls to polo matches, you need to be at places where rich women go a lot. As getting tickets for these charity events can be a bit expensive for those who cannot afford to go there, it is best to take part as a volunteer. By becoming a volunteer, you can get to meet rich women and learn more about them. So, make sure you do attend charity events as it will have a great impact on increasing your chances of securing a date with a rich woman.

Hang Out At Upscale Lounges, Bars, and Restaurants

Rich women hang out at the best, expensive places. So, this means that you'll have to be there. Posh restaurants and bars are the places where they drink and even socialize. Make sure you go there and start a conversation with the one that shows interest in you or you can just go to her and introduce yourself. Just go with the flow and see what happens next.

In the end, marrying a rich woman or rich older woman is pretty much achievable, but it will take your time and commitment. Remember to be yourself and remain dedicated because it may take some time to get the expected results. Best of luck!